Adoption Contract                                                                                  

The adoption contract allows New Vocations to track each horse’s progress for a year.  Adopters are required to send in three photo and written updates, which are forwarded to the donor of each horse. In the event a horse is determined by the adopter to be unsuitable within sixty days following the receipt of physical possession of the horse, the adopter may return the horse to New Vocations in exchange for a credit equal to the adoption fee. Provided, however, that New Vocations shall be entitled to retake possession of the adopted horse without granting a credit to the adopter in the event the horse‚Äôs physical condition has changed while in the possession of the adopter. In either case the adopter is responsible for providing transportation for the horse to return to the program.

Please fill out and sign the adoption contract and either email or fax the contract to the New Vocations facility where the adopted horse is located. The contact information for each facility is located on the third page of the adoption contract. Conformation of receipt for both the adoption contract and adoption fee must be made before the adopter or shipping company may pickup horse. A copy of the adoption contract that is also signed by a New Vocations employee will be included in the go-home packet which will be sent with the horse.

There are separate Adoption Contracts and Adoption Requirements for Thoroughbreds vs. Standardbreds. Please make sure to complete the correct contract.








Boarding Agreement                                                                             

If the horse will be kept at a boarding facility, the owner of that facility will need to fill out and sign the boarding agreement. Please send the agreement along with the adoption contract.


Return Policy

New Vocations will help assist in finding the horse a new home or the horse may return to the facility it was adopted from once space is available.  Please complete the below Return Policy and return to


Adopter Release to sell to Third Party – Bill of Sale

After ONE YEAR and the Twelve Month Update has been submitted and confirmed received by New Vocations, an adopter may sell their adopted horse to a third party,  however they and the buyer MUST complete and submit the Adopter to Third Party Bill of Sale to New Vocations.  This form will help ensure that the third party is aware that the horse shall not be placed in training as a racehorse, entered in a race, offered for sale at public auction or used as a means of transportation on any public roadway. It also makes them aware that New Vocations is available to help if the horse is ever in need of a home in the future.