Description: An inflammation of the tendon or tendon sheath, usually in the superficial digital flexor tendon or sometimes in the deep digital flexor tendon. Damage to the tendon Bowed-Tendoncan range from slight to severe depending on if and how much of the tendon sheath has been torn.


Cause: Strain due to deep footing, fatigue, low heels and long toes, hyper-extension or improper training.


Treatment: Stall rest, support wraps, cold packs, water therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs. In some cases surgery is performed.


Prognosis: Depends on severity and treatment. Usually stall rest followed by turn out is required for nine months to a year, depending on the severity of the injury. Minor tears in the tendon sheath may heal after only one to three months of rest. Your veterinarian should check the tendon with ultrasound before the horse returns to work.


New Vocations Graduates Who Sustained This Injury While Racing


Coolgun RunRegistered Name: Coolgun Run

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 2010

Race Starts: Unraced – Race training only

Last Race: N/A

Date of Injury: 2012

Total Rehab Time: Bowed right front tendon in 2012 & was fully rehabbed prior to entering New Vocations’ program in July, 2013.

Date Adopted: 8/18/13

Current Discipline: Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers

Comments: Coolgun Run aka Gunner now successfully competes in dressage and has started his hunter/jumper training in 2014. Because he is still only 4 years old, his adopter is taking his jumping training slowly and primarily focusing on dressage until he has fully matured. He has been cleared by the vet for all disciplines.



ntRegistered Name: Native Tongue

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 2004

Race Starts: 23

Last Race: 3/30/10

Date of Injury: 2007 & 2010

Total Rehab Time: First bowed left front tendon in 2007 & was fully rehabbed & returned to racing. Re-bowed same tendon in 2010 & was retired and fully rehabbed prior to entering New Vocations’ program in August, 2011.

Date Adopted: 2/19/12

Current Discipline: A Rated Hunter/Jumpers (3’3″ foot)

Comments: Passed over by adopters for six months due to his double bow and 15.3 height, Native Tongue finally found his adopter and second career as a Hunter/Jumper. He now successfully competes in the A & AA Rated Hunter Circuit in California.



BattleRegistered Name: Battle Hard

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 2009

Race Starts: 5

Last Race: 9/6/12

Date of Injury: 2012

Total Rehab Time: Bowed left front tendon in September, 2012 & was fully rehabbed prior to entering New Vocations’ program in August, 2013.

Date Adopted: 9/7/13

Current Discipline: Dressage

Comments: Battle Hard was adopted by a USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist who saw his potential to be an upper level Dressage competitor. He is now in active training at a top level Dressage show barn in Georgia.


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