Description: Slab fracture of the lower end of the cannon bone. CondylarFracture1


Cause: Stress accumulation on the weight bearing cannon bone resulting in micro damage. If micro damage accumulates too fast for the bone to repair itself, a complete fracture occurs.


Treatment: Support bandages, anti-inflammatory drugs, stall rest for 30-60 days and 3-4 months off depending on the severity of the fracture. Screws can be placed to compress the bone back together which speeds in the recovery and often improves the strength of the fetlock. Any small fragments found would be removed at that time.


Prognosis: Depending on the location and severity of the fracture, some horses have been rehabbed following surgery and returned to racing. More severe cases are likely to be able to resume work but at a reduced load.


New Vocations Graduates Who Sustained This Injury While Racing


Registered Name: War Glory War Glory

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 2010

Race Starts: 2

Last Race: 11/9/13

Date of Injury: 2013

Total Rehab Time: Sustained a nondisplaced lateral condylar fracture of the left front cannon bone in the fall of 2013 as well as P-1 chip fracture. Had surgery to insert two screws into the cannon bone to stabilize the bone and the chip was removed. The surgeon deemed the prognosis for the horse to return to racing was favorable. However, the owners decided to retire him and send him to New Vocations for a chance at a second career. The horse completed his rehabbing while at the New Vocations facility prior to entering the retraining program and was later adopted in the spring.

Date Adopted: 5/18/14

Current Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

Comments: War Glory is a natural athlete who is brave and showed a talent for jumping. He thoroughly enjoys his second career as a Hunter/Jumper partner with his adopter and because he was given the time and proper care for his fracture to heal fully, he has a long, bright career ahead of him.


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