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“New Vocations works [for us] because the retraining and assessment period allows the experienced staff to work out any kinks before the horse goes onto a new home, increasing the likelihood of a successful partnership. They also do very well at evaluating what type of second career is most suitable for each individual horse and making sure they go to the right people. Finally, we really appreciate the quarterly updates and knowing that, if the horse ever changes hands, New Vocations will always have the right of first refusal and will be notified of new ownership. The relationship [with New Vocations] allows us to focus on our breeding and racing, knowing that New Vocations is handling the full scope of our aftercare responsibilities much more successfully than we could!”Barbara Banke, owner of Stonestreet Farms in Woodford County, Kentucky.


“New Vocations does a great job making sure each horse receives the proper aftercare and is ultimately given a chance to excel in a second career. I highly recommend them to any owner searching for a place to retire a racehorse.”Todd Pletcher, owner of Todd A. Pletcher Racing Stables, Inc. in Elmont, New York


“Plan B [for unsuccessful racehorses] has always been New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. New Vocations has always done a wonderful job of finding good homes for our horses.”Karen & Dewey White, owners of White Fox Farm in Winder, Georgia


“The folks at New Vocations have one of the most important jobs in our industry, and they do a tremendous job. They have a great program that retrains these wonderful athletes for careers after racing. Then they place them with people who have been qualified through an extensive evaluation program, which includes a year’s worth of follow up, to ensure these horses continue to be cared for to the standard they deserve. It’s our responsibility to the industry to support programs such as New Vocations, and WinStar is always honored to do it.”Elliot Walden, CEO of WinStar Farm in Versailles, Kentucky


“It is our responsibility as owners to make sure these horses find good homes after their racing careers are over. New Vocations does a great job at making sure our equine friends have a great life beyond the track and [I am] happy to support them.”Mike Repole, owner of Repole Stables in Whitestone, NY


“The service New Vocations provides our retired racehorses is very important to me and to the industry. The number of horses this program is helping is amazing. I support their efforts every year with all of my stallions [during the Annual Stallion Auction fundraiser] and I want to encourage others to join in and support this worthy cause.”Alan Leavitt, President & General Manager of Walnut Hall, Ltd. in Lexington, Kentucky


“To us aftercare of a Thoroughbred is just as important as racing them. We are horse lovers and when it comes to retiring them it is always our number one priority to find a good and safe home. There are no better people in the business to work with than New Vocations.”Justin Zayat, Racing & Stallion Manager of Zayat Stables in Hackensack, New Jersey


“We’ve had a long, great relationship with New Vocations. We’ve supported them as a charitable cause for quite a few years–since the early 2000s.  We think they do a best-in-breed job of rehabilitating horses…not just for new vocations after their lives at the racetrack, but also properly vetting and following up with the adoption individuals. They also do the best job fiscally in terms of horses adopted per dollar, so we’re big fans of their organization.” – Sasha Sanan, Racing Manager of Padua Stables in Lexington, Kentucky


“New Vocations takes nearly 70 percent of the TAKE THE LEAD horses annually. The organization is vital to our success. [Our] partnership works very well, because we are all focused on one thing – doing the best we can to take care of retired racehorses.” – Rick Violette Jr., President of NYTHA (New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association) in Jamaica, NY


“I received my one year notice regarding my horse Johnny Absolute.The photo’s and the update brought a great feeling of happiness. His placement and progress has far exceeded any expectations I had for him. I have owned over 20 Standardbreds over the past 25 years and always try to find a good placement for my horses when they are no longer racing. But this placement was the best! I appreciate everything you did with Johnny. I know he came to you in a bad condition which I wasn’t aware of. I have since stopped racing and will not use that trainer again. I am now retired and on a limited income but will continue to send 100 dollars at time until I reimburse you fully for the vet work you did. Johnny was a special horse and I was not surprised to hear that he was the dominant horse in the pack. Although, he is probably the easiest to work with. I am so pleased that he is fully recovered and performing every thing Steve asks of him. I only own a brood mare at Cool Winds Farm and do not intend to get back into racing but if I do, a portion of winnings will be dedicated to New Vocations and the great job everyone there does with our horses. You are making a big difference!” – John Vrable, Former Standardbred Racing Owner in Strongsville, OH 


“Two former racehorses that I owned, SD Poignant and Laughters Legend, that are now retired were part of a funeral procession for the Medal of Honor recipient WWII USMC Lt. Alexander Bonnyman when he was buried with full military honors in his home town of Knoxville, Tennessee. His remains were found last year on the island of Tarawa. No race I have ever won or will ever win will mean as much as this to me. Thank you to New Vocations and Dot Morgan for finding them such a great home!” – Brian McGalliard, Standardbred Racing Owner in Dunkirk, IN