Update Form

We thank you for providing a loving home and rewarding second career to an ex-racehorse in need! 

Please remember that you signed a legal Contract agreeing to provide these updates at 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months of your Probationary Period and that there is a $5,000 breach of contract penalty fee if updates are not submitted!

Each update should include at least 1 full body photo of your nicely groomed adopted horse, from the side, without blankets or saddle in a well lit and eye appealing setting along with the Update Report Form.

How to Submit an Update:

  • WEBSITE: Scroll down to complete the Update Form fields and submit photos directly on this page. Must submit at least one photo to submit and photos must be below 2mb.
  • EMAIL: Complete Update Report Form (click on DOWNLOAD UPDATE FORM below) or answer all update form questions/information in email body. Email Update Form/Info and Photos to: updates@horseadoption.com
  • POST MAIL: Complete Update Report Form (click on DOWNLOAD UPDATE FORM below).  Mail Update Form and Photos to:  
New Vocations
Attn: Clare Barlow
719 Dolan Lane
Lexington KY 40511


Please feel free to email fun/riding/competition photos of your horse in addition to this required photo to updates@horseadoption.com.  We love to see what our horses are up to! We also are always looking for 300 dpi/full size photos for Success Stories on our website, in our Newsletters, blogs or promotions!   You and your horse be our next Featured Success Story!

These updates allow us to monitor how our horses are transitioning in their new homes.  We also use these updates to inform Donors how well their donated horses are doing beyond the track, hopefully encouraging them to retire more horses sooner and sounder to a new career and bright future. 


Update Pictures

Clear photos of the adopted horse are mandatory and need to show the full body of the horse (example below). Adopters are encouraged to also include photos that showcase the adopted horse in its new home/ career (example below).

Copies are sent to donors to assure them of a successful transition and may be posted on the New Vocations Success Stories page.


 e.g. Update Conformation Picture

e.g. Success Story Pictures




Please remember that each update should include at least 1 color full body photo of your nicely groomed adopted horse without blankets or tack in a well lit and eye appealing setting as these are sent to donors.
Update Form
Your update code is the first 3 letters of the horses name, followed by first 3 letters of your last name, followed by the year of adoption. (i.e. RUNSMI14)