Horse Stats
New Name: Cyrus
Age: 2006
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: January, 2012
Current Discipline: Hunter, 4-H
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    Cyrus did great at state fair. He placed fifth in showmanship, fifth in English equitation, fifth in beginner pattern class, third in novice equitation over fences, second in hunter hack, second in novice working hunter, second in costume class, and first place in trail in hand. He placed in all the classes I had him in, but one. I was very happy with his performance even though it wasn't his best, but he had a lot to take in. The fair rides, motorcycle races, and tractor pulls were all new to them and had him a little nervous, but he listened to me when I asked him to do something. Cyrus can now jump 2'6'' jumps like it was still 2'3'' and he thought the 2 foot jumps at fair were too easy. After two days of showing, we had a fun day were we did contesting patterns. He did great. I love working with him, he has made me so proud and has impressed many people and proved some people wrong if they thought he couldn't do something or wouldn't be ready in time for fair. I'm so glad I found New Vocations when he was still there. There is no other horse that I would choose but Cyrus if I had to make the choice all over again. Thank you so much for this young and talented thoroughbred!Update: Cyrus AKA All There did great at our local fair. He placed fifth in English Equitation, Intermediate Pattern Class, Trail, and Pleasure Barrels. Cyrus placed fourth in English Pleasure and Pleasure Poles. The classes he placed third in were English Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Versatility, Costume Class, Pleasure Stakes, Speed & Control, and Butterfly Race. He placed second in the classes Western Showmanship, Trail in Hand, Hunter Hack, and Catalog Race. His first place finishes included Advanced Equitation over Fences, and Advanced Working Hunter. I am very proud of him and the most impressive and surprising finish I believe was placing third in Western Pleasure. I never thought we would place so well in a western class, but who knew he had the potential until we had tried.