Art's Abbey

Horse Stats
New Name: Abbey
Age: 2012
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: 2017
Current Discipline: Foxhunting
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    Standardbreds are becoming more popular as foxhunting mounts and Art’s Abbey and her proud owner are good examples why. A 2012 model, “Abbey” raced at the Meadows, with trainer Kim Martino. The near-black mare was not a contender for a long-term racing career, and Martino sent her to New Vocations, sound and ready to try new things. Adopted by Ohio resident and foxhunter Walter Moore, Abbey was game and athletic in her training program, unfazed by the hounds and willing to do whatever Moore asked. “She loves getting to run on the flats and is a willing jumper,” says Moore. The mare also made a fine trail partner, getting to head out on long rides with fellow New Vocations alumni and Standardbred Itty Bitty Big John, where Moore worked on developing her trot and canter. Their work has paid off. Moore in conjunction with his trainer has helped Abbey become a much more confident jumper. They completed three hunter paces last summer with the Rocky Fork Headley Hunt and the Chagrin Valley Hunt. “We had a few ugly looking jumps for sure, but no unplanned dismounts,” Moore reports happily. “We made great strides together. She is very forward to fences, has a lovely tuck, and is forgiving of my less than perfect form.” Moore appreciates Abbey’s disposition, and well - her tendency to be a mare. “She has opinions at times but always takes care of me when I make a mistake,” he relates. “Her temperament is just fantastic.”