Horse Stats
New Name: Aspire
Age: 2005
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: September, 2011
Current Discipline:
  • xz
  • xzxz
  • xzx
  • 415031_10151789428760183_1685356515_o
  • xzxzx
  • 460975_10151457576285183_1360573092_o
  • 466657_10151457577855183_1254187462_o
  • 463366_10151457579510183_1943974674_o
  • x
  • 465103_10151789435795183_800714178_o


    "Aspire is so much fun! He is alert, but calm, has a great playful disposition, but gets right to work when asked and then is all business. Several times I have taken him and turned him loose in the ring. After he checks out all areas and sounds he trots or canters right up to me as if to ask "what next?" He is so much fun! All that I hoped for and more than I imagined! After this ride I was grinning from deep in my soul! He has rekindled a spark from childhood that I thought was lost to the past. I look forward to many wonderful years as this relationship continues to grow! Thank you, New Vocations and Lisa, for this amazing opportunity to be the caregiver to such a wonderful OTTB!" Martha Foster