Horse Stats
New Name: Bandon
Age: 2007
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: November, 2012
Current Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
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    "Bandon is doing great! Now that the wet weather has started to lighten up a little, and daylight savings gives us hours at the end of the day to train, he and I are putting in a lot of miles together. I ride him in the pasture twice a week and we do arena work twice a week (weather permitting). We began trot poles 2 weeks ago, progressed to trot poles to a 12" cross rail last week, and this week he worked on a 12" cross rail all by itself and in a sequence of 2.He is very kind and incredibly smart. Bandon responds to verbal cues and praise so fast that I'm probably losing skill in the saddle with my other aids. I started saying "up" and "ready?" working jumps and he learned in about 5 minutes to cue to jump on up and ready meant he should drive in a straight line for the center of the jump. Loose reins and all.Our sessions are still really short, about 15 to 20 minutes, because he just does so well I don't see any reason to drill it and make him bored. I need the jump practice repetition more than he does. He loves it when I scratch him on his neck when he's done especially well.On the ground he is a jokester. I'm watching him out my kitchen window now as he chases the pony around in the light rain pulling his tail. Eventually the pony gets fed up and chases him back, much to Bandon's delight. My other OTTB, Whisper, was laid up with a tendon injury for 3 months and he's really glad to have her back out with him.Still, at the end of the day when I go out to the barn, the horses will all be up at the top of the hill waiting to be let in and Bandon will see me coming in the pasture and walk all the way down to me to keep me company on the way up, usually I'll drape my arm over his neck and we'll just walk up together. Our relationship has strengthened a lot this Spring. I know you aren't supposed to have favorites when you have more than one horse, but he is mine. He's an equal partner in everything, every now and then testing to see if he can get away with baby horse shenanigans with me (like a kick at girthing) and a firm verbal "no" makes him sheepish about it.He hasn't figured out if he likes watermelon rinds yet, carrots are okay, peppermints are of course always welcome. I'm putting sunscreen on his poll scars every morning before turnout so handling the area has become routine, though he still won't let me work on the bridle path.My hopes are to enter him in a schooling show the first weekend in June and start getting him out. I ride alone out here on my little farm so it should be an interesting experience." Catherine Ford - Cohutta, GA