Horse Stats
New Name: BP
Age: 2005
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: December, 2010
Current Discipline: Jumper
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    We adopted Bonus Point “BP” from New Vocations in December 2010 as my Christmas present. Since we have had him BP has found his new niche and is progressing nicely into a Jumper. In the 2011 show season I showed him in hunter divisions at local shows and he did very well. This year we decided to chance things up and he is now being trained as a jumper. We have very high hopes for him and he is coming along very nicely and learning how to use himself very well. He is a great young horse, I love working with him. He is a fantastic horse and he learns new things very quickly. We also trail ride and he is a blast to ride no matter what we are doing. He is a very sweet horse and very trusting. He gets along well with other horses and is a sweetheart to everyone he meets. He always has the cutest expressions on his face and he loves to give kisses. He will lick your hair if you’re not careful and he loves to be groomed. BP gets turned out with my two other OTTBs, including CV Perilous who we adopted from NV this year, and my mom’s Saddle gelding and they all get along great. Adopting a horse from New Vocations has been one of the best experiences of my life. He was the first one we adopted from there and since then I have had two others as well, Determined Again and CV Perilous.