Horse Stats
Name: Captain Marvin
Barn Name: Marvin
Age: 2009
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16 hh
Color: Dark Bay
Adoption Fee: $700
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: 24
Highlights: Winner
Total Earnings: $89,403
Last Race: 10/8/15
Sire: Kittens Joy
Dam: Somethingtreasured
Other Notable Pedigree: Charismatic,
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Captain Marvin was solid runner who kept on trucking for 24 starts. He was not a particularly talented racehorse but pt in a solid effort each time. After his last race he where he retired sound, he went to the farm where he simply hung out in afield until coming to New Vocations to find a job. With plenty of time to transition off the track, he has become an easy keeper! He is generally a pretty chill dude although he spent so much time just out in a field he takes a minute to get acclimated to new surroundings. He tends o be second at the gate to come inside but does not push the other boys around. Marvin enjoys attention from people and would like to be your friend. He does not have any stall vices. 
Under saddle, Marvin is becoming a solid citizen. He tends to be pretty easy to ride and is more whoa than go. He has not been spooky and seems like he might enjoy third flight fox hunting or trail riding. Marvin is suitable for all disciplines with an intermediate rider!


New Vocations’ adoption fees are intentionally set lower than the cost of buying most Thoroughbreds or Standardbreds through a private seller. In today’s market, it’s not unusual for horses coming right off the track to be listed for sale at a price between $2,000 and $5,000. At New Vocations, a fee is set for each horse that will ultimately help the horse find a home quickly. The program’s facilities are always at full capacity, which means the program cannot take in an additional horse until one is adopted. Adopters should be encouraged to know that by adopting a horse through New Vocations, they are actually helping two horses transition to careers outside of racing.

Additionally, adopters get great value for their money: The majority of the horses have been in the program for a minimum of 60 days. During that time, horses are rehabilitated (if needed), socialized with other horses, fully evaluated and worked with by a professional trainer. New Vocations fully discloses the history of each horse and provides all available medical records, many of which include X-ray and ultrasounds.

While adoption fees are low, it should be noted that the costs associated with the ongoing care and additional training for each horse post-adoption can be high. New Vocations hopes that by helping an adopter save money upfront that he or she will have more funds available to cover the ongoing costs of properly caring for a horse.