Horse Stats
New Name: Penny
Age: 2009
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: January, 2012
Current Discipline: Foxhunter
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    I am so pleased to tell you that I recently received an email from Penny's former owner/trainer/breeder, Galen Behney. Evidently you folks passed along her current pictures and my updates to him, and he contacted me to tell me how pleased he was that she had gone to a good home. It was a thrill to know that she came from a person who cared about her continued well being. He included his phone number, in case I ever needed to contact him. Penny is doing fine. I work her 2 -3 times a week approx 45 mins at walk/trot and on ground manners. After all, she just turned 3 so we are not in any hurry. She has a wonderful paddock, stall and "mates" to nuzzle over the fence, and has access to grazing 24/7 if she does not care to come in for meals (she never misses a meal, I can assure you that!) 99% of the time she is a pleasure to work with, but every now and then, her read-headed evil twin appears and she becomes OH SO STUBBORN. BEWARE THE CHESTNUT MARE. Her bad behavior lasts about 24 hours and then she is her sweet self again. I remind myself that she is only 3 and not to expect perfection in a horse so young. Thanks to all of your staff and volunteers. Penny and I are going to have lots of adventures and plan to keep you posted. Hope to take her hacking in the woods this fall after the first frost kills off all the darn bugs. The goal is to get her in the 3rd field of the Waterloo Hunt next fall (2013 season) "hill topping".