Horse Stats
New Name: Mac
Age: 2002
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: 2007
Current Discipline: Jumper
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    Well it’s been over 4 years now and Mac is doing great. I think he is starting to grow up a little (but only a little lol) and not enough to lose the title of “naughty boy of the barn” tho’. We take 2 steps forward, go back one but I can tell you that it’s been a great time. He has loads of personality (from chewing towels to pulling crops out of boots.) and can jump the moon. We’ve progressed far enough the last two years to start showing at local barn shows the latter part of last year, and last weekend had our first sanctioned show. And we came away with “Reserve Champion”. Quite a difference from the horse that would not enter the arena at his first show. Here are a few photos for the update file. Keep up the good work and I’m truly thankful he became available when he did.