Horse Stats
New Name: Super D
Age: 2007
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: October, 2010
Current Discipline: Eventing
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    "It is SO fun to look back and see how both Dundee and I have grown. He has a wonderful mind and, even though he's a bit lazy, he tries really hard to do what I'm asking. As he gets stronger, we've started doing a little more. We recently starting doing gymnastics exercises. He did great with that, and it will really help him become more adjustable. I have taken him to Masterson Equestrian Park and presented some of the novice level cross country fences to him for the first time. He was amazing. I'm really excited with how he's coming along, and I'm aiming for a novice level mini-trial in 2012 just for fun. In short, Dundee is a wonderful animal, and he fits perfectly into our family. My young boys both ride him (the 6 year old independently). He's as wonderful with them as he is with me, and it's a real blessing to have a horse that our entire family can love!" - Jill Stowe, Nicholasville, KY