Eeny Meeny Miny O

Horse Stats
New Name: Rhyme
Age: 2009
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: 2013
Current Discipline: Eventing
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    Eeny Meeny Miny O was just a 3-year-old when she arrived from Longfield Farm in the spring of 2012. After a handful of lackluster races, Nelson and Judy Clemmens determined the bay filly needed a new career; she was physically sound and enjoyed having a job. An event rider quickly adopted her. However, Eeny Meeny Miny O proved to be a more-spirited horse than her new adopter wanted. Another aspiring eventer stepped up, but returned the filly 6 months later saying she was too unpredictable and subject to bucking and rearing. Along came Jenna Schildmier, who was also looking for an event horse. She saw the mare’s amazing talent and had the skill to laugh at her antics, and focus the mare’s natural ability. This time the updates were good—really good. Eeny Meeny Miny O, aka Rhyme, had found her person, and they were competing over jumps three months later! Fast forward 4 years ... “We are so proud of Rhyme,” said Jenna Schildmier. “At only 7, she has already jumped two CIC ** courses! Her drive and heart have more than exceeded my expectations. While we continue to work on her focus in show jumping, she displays great bravery on cross country. I feel confident she will do anything for me.” This year, Rhyme won Preliminary competitions in Georgia and Tennessee, and came in second in two additional Prelims in Kentucky. She also won three Thoroughbred Incentive Program Championships. “She has accomplished so much because she is a fighter,” Jenna said. “Like many OTTBs, Rhyme’s talent may not be immediately evident to everyone who works with her, but after some time, her true character and ability come through. Every time I think of how special this horse is, I think of how great the program is that brought us together.” Incidentally, in regards to Rhyme’s early bucking and rearing issues, she is by the sire Offlee Wild out of a Rodeo dam! Jenna says she still squeals and leaps on occasion.