Horse Stats
New Name: Foley
Age: 2008
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: June, 2011
Current Discipline: Dressage
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    Foley had only 2 starts but won his very first race, earned a total of $12,684, and last raced 2/11/11 at Aqueduct racetrack.Foley has been enjoying his new life with his new family in Michigan. He has also taken great pleasure in sharing his daily pasture time with fellow New Vocations’ Graduates “Rustic Ridge” and “Fund the Minister”. All three horses are in dressage training at Windancer Farms.Jodee reports that Foley has been doing very well in his training. “He is learning to bend, round over (occasionally with self-carriage, which is lovely), work off the track on the rail, do circles and serpentines, and yield to the leg. His transitions (upward and downward) continue improving, as are his halt and remaining at a halt (not an easy thing for OTTBs to master). He’s gradually transitioning from all those silly newby behaviors (raised head and inverted back; shoveling his nose; odd things with tongue and teeth) to keeping his mouth closed and calmly chewing the bit.”Jodee also mentioned that she and Foley participated in a dressage clinic with Sue Thorne in January, 2012. “Foley was SO GOOD, and I learned a lot from Sue. She complimented him at least four times during our lesson, and said we make a very nice pair (naturally, I agree completely!). What a great feeling to cap off our first six months together with such a fantastic day! We have another clinic with her scheduled March 4 and we’re working hard to keep up the progress we’ve made together so far.”“To everyone at New Vocations, thank you for all you do. And to everyone who has ever touched Foley’s life, thank you, too. By reminding me what it is like to be a beginner at learning something very challenging (and how difficult and intimidating that is), Foley is improving my teaching and my patience and empathy with my students- especially the Freshmen. By sharing his learning with mine, he is making my lifelong dream come true. We are becoming true partners, and our friends at the Windancer, our trainer Kimberly Bench, and clinician Sue Thome (WinterSpring Dressage, Carson City, MI) have all recognized it. I can’t thank you all enough for bringing us together and giving us this chance!”Congratulations Foley and Jodee! We are so happy for the both of you and look forward to hearing about your many future successes.