Horse Stats
New Name: Wesley
Age: 2008
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: January, 2012
Current Discipline: Hunter
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    "Forum is doing fantastic! He had a name change to Wesley and has put one a few pounds. I’m riding him about 3 days a week. He’s going nicely in the arena, learning to leg yield and how to pick up both leads. We also go on the trails which he seems to enjoy very much. I took him down to the beach the other day with friends and he did wonderful. Lots of wind and some reeds to walk on and he acted like it was no big deal. He’s a very confident young horse, calm about most situations and intelligent.I am looking forward to taking him to his first show next month! I have turned him out with my 9 year old gelding a few times and they seem to do just fine though Wesley seems to want to play and Aidan has never been very playful. Everyone who see’s him tells me how impressive, shiny and well mannered he is. He has a way of making himself known without being really in your face. Always nickers to me and comes right over when I come to his gate… a matter of fact when he see’s the truck coming he’s usually at his gate waiting for attention by the time I have parked and gotten out. In one of the photos I sent you will see him playing with a little girls hair, that’s my 5 year old. From day one he has loved to do that and that continues to be their “thing”. I thank you for your program, I thank Lisa Molloy for her hard work and diligence in placing horses into the right home. I can’t wait to share what we accomplish by our next update!” Cecilia B. SC