Horse Stats
New Name: Ghost
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: 2005
Current Discipline: Western Pleasure
  • ghostsusanpetty


    The first time I met Ghost was on December 18, 2005. My sister, Kim Howard, had adopted Graver from New Vocations in September 2005 and had such a good experience with him, she decided to adopt another horse from New Vocations in November of 2005 and got Ghost. My family and I went to Tennessee to visit my sister for Christmas and of course meet the new additions to her family. It was love at first sight for Ghost and I. Since he had been off the track longer and was the calmer of the two, my sister let me ride him. We had a great time. Every couple of months when I visited, Ghost and I were inseperable. We bonded and he always remembered me and seemed happy to see me. He was personality plus!!! He loved to pose for pictures and would be your best friend if you gave him an apple! So on my birthday, November 26, 2007, my sister gave Ghost to me. She said “you love each other so much and he has such a bond with you, I think you should be together.” I moved Ghost to Florida with me and I boarded him at a wonderful facility called the Horse Spa. We started taking lessons together and entered our first show in June 2008. We earned two second place ribbons and two fifth place ribbons. We did three more shows that year and ended up winning Reserve Champions in the w/t divison for 2008. It was a very proud moment for us. We did only one show in 2009 because of a health issue with me, but we again placed in every class we entered. Sadly, Ghost was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in August of 2010 and contracted a strep bacteria on October 13th that he couldn’t fight. He died three days later. It has broken my heart, I lost my best friend. Ghost gave me some of the happiest days and sweetest memories of my life. I loved him dearly and miss him sorely. I would like to thank New Vocations for the wonderful work you do in giving these awesome horses a new life. And of course my sister Kim, for giving me one of the great loves of my life. Ghost was precious living and is precious in my memories.