Horse Stats
New Name: Bentley
Age: 2003
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: 2010
Current Discipline: Hunter
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    Kate Onasch has this to report of her TB gelding “Go Armand Go”: It has been a while since you have heard from us but Bentley (formerly known as Go Armand Go) and I have been hard at work! I’ve been very busy with vet school but Bentley still remains a huge part of my life. After spending many weeks away from him due to an externship in North Carolina, I came back and set a goal to attend the final Delaware show. Bentley has done so much since I have gotten him but he still hadn’t gone to a show yet. So, I finally dusted off my old show clothes and headed out to the show with the expectation that this would be an “experience” for both of us. The first night we got there is poured so we were unable to school and when I came out early the next morning it was still raining! I took Bentley out several times to walk him around and he did what Bentley does best- stood up tall and stared. Never once did he spook or act silly, he just stood and stared at everything (trying to take it all in). The rings were all mud pits, there were tons of ponies and giant horses cantering around in the slop making lots of noise, and of course there were lots of kids and pumpkins. I gather up courage and finally got on Bentley and to my surprise he was perfect! Once I gave him a job and worked him around the arena he started acting like he had been showing his whole life. I decided to enter him in the Future hunter class just to give him some experience ring. Bentley went around all four of his courses like a pro- never batting an eye at a single jump or taking a wrong step. Even through all the sloppy mud he maintained his composure and focus. In our flat class (filled with ex-race horses) he toodled around and never got upset with horses passing him or acting up next to him. I was so proud of him! We ended the day with two first places, one third, and one fourth place putting us in the place of Grand Champion for future hunter! Not only was this an impressive performance for a first horse show but it was also the first time Bentley had ever won anything (lets just say he didn’t have the best race record). Even more- I just found out last night that Bentley earned enough points in this one show to put him in the place of reserve champion for the year at Delaware! This all goes to show that just because a horse may not be the fastest at the track it doesn’t mean they won’t excel in other disciplines. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you guys do- we wouldn’t be able to see these beautiful athletes have another chance without you!