Gold Standard Dude

Horse Stats
New Name: Stanley
Age: 2014
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: 2017
Current Discipline: Pleasure Riding
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  • Gold Standard Dude
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    Standardbred Gold Standard Dude has been chewing up the trails in South Dakota since his adoption. “I often joke that he’s my Porsche,” says Angela Zylstra, “He’s so responsive and such a beautiful mover!” “Stan,” sired by Trotter of the Year Deweycheatumnhowe, was not competitive at the track, and was donated to New Vocations by conscientious owners Mike and Sara Kimelman in 2017. After transitioning easily under saddle, it was apparent the amicable gelding was better suited to a riding career than racing. Following his arrival in SD, the chestnut rapidly endeared himself to the younger members of his new family. “Stanley is everyone’s cuddle bug and truly thinks he is one of the kids,” Angela shared, “One of his favorite things to do is stand at the fence and watch the kids play soccer in hopes that he gets a chance to play, too!” When Stan is not handing out horse hugs and helping out on the soccer field, he’s giving bareback rides to the kids and impressing other trail riders in his Black Hills home territory. “Out on the trails, he handles each new experience like a professional,” exclaims Angela. “Whenever we encounter something new or scary, all he needs is a little reassurance and he’s fine. He’ll walk alone and go wherever you ask; he is so trusting and eager to please.” As you might expect, Standardbreds are not the norm in the area. “We live in cowboy and Quarter Horse country,” Angela says. It’s doubtful that any of the other horses out on the trail have Stan’s stellar pedigree and charisma. Indeed, Angela proclaims, “I wouldn’t trade my Standardbred for any of them!” Although Stan was willing to canter the first time he was asked, he still hasn’t lost his flashy trot, sometimes puzzling the locals who are used to seeing the more typical breeds. Remembers Angela: “We had a service truck at our place, and Stan was showing off with his fancy knee and hock action trot.” After deciding he wasn’t a Quarter Horse, and wasn’t an Arabian, they were surprised to learn the gelding’s breed. “Standardbreds” Angela was happy to tell them, “The best breed ever!”