Horse Stats
New Name: Smitty
Age: 2008
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: February, 2012
Current Discipline: Therapy Horse
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    Read Susan Salk's article about Hammersmith's story at: is doing great we are working with him everyday, we have been working on basic dressage with him so he can get ready for the lessons we teach with our therapy clients. Smitty, as everybody calls him, is doing pretty well. We also are working on standing still at the step stool till the rider is mounted. It is a longer process for our clients to get on the horse and of course we have more people around the horse. This can be confusing for the horse in the beginning. Smitty is standing very patiently by the step stool for us to get on, his next step will be the ramp. Smitty is getting used to all the kids and volunteers in the barn, he loves the attention from all the people coming through. It can be sometimes hectic but he does not care. We had a birthday party at the farm due to rain we had to move it into the barn, and we had 10 little kids playing in the barn and he loved it, nothing seemed to startle him. I love the race horses because they are already so desensitized from the race track, which is great for therapeutic riding. Smitty is a great addition to our program and farm. He is a wonderful horse and I would like to thank the owners for donating such a beautiful and sweet horse.