Horse Stats
New Name: Way
Age: 2008
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: August, 2011
Current Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

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    "It will soon be 2 years since we adopted He's on His Way (Way) and it sure doesn't seem like it. Things were difficult (not with Way) in the beginning because I was not able to find a trainer to work with him. Each time I found someone they had other reasons why they could not help us. In the spring of 2012, I found a trainer two hours away and sent him off for 6 weeks. He did wonderful and the trainer loved him and said we had promise with this horse. Upon his return home, we took him to my daughter's trainer who intermittently worked with them. Unfortunately, he came up sore and the vet advised to give him some time off. A few months later, we luckily found a trainer close to home that began working with Way once he was sound.On May 26, 2013, Way went to his very first show. Way and my daughter received a 3rd and 5th place out of 9 entries. We all feel this is pretty awesome for him because he was only back to work for 4 weeks. I have had nothing but very positive comments about him. From another trainer I was told that I have one talented horse and he will go far once he gets more training under him. The trainer that worked with him last year wrote this about his first show, "They look great and you are right, he does jump BIG and look at those knees! Way is a very lucky guy. You get the credit for not giving up on him. It looks like you have a very talented pair on your hands!"I know this isn't a "Blue Ribbon" success story about an OTTB but in my opinion it is a "Champion Ribbon" because of how far he has come and that no one gave up trying to make him a success. I wanted to share with you and other [adopter hopefuls] that these guys are worth it and don't give up, even if someone tells you they aren't worth it because I have a success story standing in my barn that we all love very much." - Kevin T., PA