Horse Stats
New Name: Hoss
Age: 2004
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: February, 2012
Current Discipline: Dressage
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    Hoss is such a gentleman! He is catching on so fast! He is so easy going and calm that I am able to use him as a beginner lesson horse on the lunge line! (on occasion). I ride him 4-5 days a week, 3 days dressage, 1 day poles/jumping, 1 day trail riding. He is so good out on the trail! The first time I took him out it was like he had been out there 100 times! He never spooked at anything, while the 10 year old QH mare that was with us, and ALWAYS goes out on these trails was acting like a fruitcake! With our Dressage, we are starting to work on simple changes, and he is catching on nicely. He is teaching me a lot in the sense that he tells me when I’m using too much rein to steer. He responds very well to my seat and leg cues, so I always go to those first. He is catching on to jumping. At first he was unsure about it, but I think now that we are getting straighter, he seems to like it and we are working on canter approaches. He’s great in the arena with other horses. There was one day last week that there was 4 other horses in the arena, and he just went along with me, not caring about them. Though, when I first started with him a month or so with him, and another horse was in the arena working on flying lead changes, he thought it was time to race and took off, but it really wasn’t bad, just some fast running. I’m going to be taking him to a schooling show, not to show, but to just expose him to the atmosphere. He is pastured with another OTTB and they get along great! He really likes having a buddy, but he doesn’t worry about him when he is gone or when I take him away from him. I haven’t heard him call for anyone since he arrived! I am interested to hear what he sounds like! I am really in love with Hoss! I call him my Unicorn because I don’t think you can find another horse like him! Plus he’s sooo pretty! I have already had someone that wanted to buy him, but he’s not going anywhere! I also work with many horses daily…and he it totally the best one to work with and lots of fun! I'm planning on taking him to a Dressage show in Aug or Sept to do at least a intro level test with him. He would be ready to do a Training level test if he wasn’t so bendy when cantering, so I'm having the Chiropractor come out to adjust him and see if that helps. I have only jumped him a few times because I really think he needs to just work on the dressage work and go on hacks. He has plenty of time to jump. When I do jump him, he has to go over the jump or poles one or two times before he gets comfortable. After that we are able to do canter approaches and he seems to enjoy it. I would like to take him to 1st level in dressage and possibly earn my USDF Bronze medal on him someday. I used him as a follow horse for summer camp too (I was riding). Helping the kids work on keeping their canter with their stubborn lesson horses who just wanted to follow. He was such a champ! W/T/C while the whole time I am practically turned around in the saddle looking and yelling at the student, telling them what to do. Even having some of the more annoying horses get right up his behind…he didn’t bat an eye and with all 5 kids in the arena, we were able to do that too! A few times, I have even used him for beginner lessons with select students; he is very calm and patient with them.