Horse Stats
New Name: Kiss
Age: 2008
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: December, 2011
Current Discipline: Eventing
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    Kissing Santa only had two starts at the track, never breaking her maiden, and only earning $1,504. Her donor decided that the mare would be better suited for a different career and sent her to New Vocations in December, 2011. She was quickly adopted by Katie Jordan of Urbana, Ohio to begin her new career in eventing. Katie reports," Kiss and I have made amazing strides together since bringing her home. She has been blossoming as a future eventer. We finally concurred her fear of water. Now she no longer refuses the stream but instead stops for a drink. She thinks playing around in the stream is probably the neatest thing ever. She is developing patience as well as we have been working on her ground tying. My work schedule and the weather has made getting to the barn difficult at times, but she comes out always willing to learn. Every day Kiss amazes me. She is just so willing and game for anything. She does let me know if she is unsure of something now and again, but we always come together to push through. Our bond grows every day. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found her. I am so lucky to have found your organization that brought this light in my life. This year, we want to break into the Beginner Novice scene and go out as much as possible. I feel like this year will be a blossoming year for her and I. Thank you again. You guys do amazing work." - Katie Jordan, Urbana, OH