Horse Stats
New Name: Trick
Age: 2005
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: November, 2011
Current Discipline: Dressage, Pleasure
  • Big hug!
  • Pay attention! We are going to try this now!
  • Forehead scratches
  • It's Love! :-)
  • Having a laugh together
  • Best friends


    "As they say, “Time flies when you're having fun!”... and it's already time for another update! Words cannot even express how I feel about Trick. The moment he came into my life he captured my heart with his incredible personality. I have never met a horse like him. He is so sweet, gentle, kind, loving, easy going, smart, appreciative, and caring, just to name a few of his wonderful traits! He never has a bad day, always gives his best, and is the most pleasurable big guy to be around! I am totally, utterly and completely in LOVE with him! We have gotten to know each other very well by now and it's been a match made in heaven!Our “training” is very different from the conventional methods. I do most of it at liberty and it is more “playtime” than a schooling lesson. There is no pressure, no force, emphasizing communication and cherishing feedback from the horse. On a typical day we have several short fun sessions with lots of scratches and after we are done, it's cookie time! We started to practice some dressage maneuvers on the ground such as collection, shoulder in and haunches in, all done completely at liberty without any tack or gadgets.We also do different kinds of stretches and some trick training (no pun intended!). Trick loves to learn, he is extremely playful and what a wonderful sense of humor he has! Always the perfect gentleman, he never gets rough or out of control which is quite amazing for a young horse his age.I also found out that he loves soft music so I bought him a little radio for the barn to keep him entertained! We don't ride very much but when we do, we only use Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle. Trick really enjoys not having a bit in his mouth and he dives into the bridle as soon as I get it out. I do not have to tie him to saddle him up, he stands patiently until I have everything buckled up and adjusted.In our “riding/ play pen” we have a big inverted bucket (that sometimes has cookie surprises on top), 4 orange cones, a big blue ball, a small red Jolly ball, a log and several pool noodles of various colors. We integrate all these toys into our riding to keep things interesting and fun. Fun is very important! On April 15, we had a little party for Trick's 7th birthday. I made him a cake from his pellets, ground carrots and apples and put seven baby carrot “candles” on top. It was a raving success! He loved his cake, the extra TLC and the full body massage.Once again, I would like to thank NV and Trick's previous owner and donor for this incredible opportunity to adopt such a dream horse. Be assured that Trick will always be well taken care of and spoiled and showered with tons of love and attention! " Sabine Peters FL