Horse Stats
New Name: Lillie
Age: 2003
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: January, 2011
Current Discipline: Dressage
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    "I know I've had Lillie (Little Joanie) 19 months now, but practice makes perfect and I thought you'd enjoy these pictures of my "tense" little Thoroughbred mare. First, after months of walk/whoa and then trot/whoa lunging, I started riding Lillie with a bareback pad and a bitless bridle. She is sooo dang smart and is learning to move laterally and in roundish circles with a slight bend to the inside. We ride over ground poles and around orange cones, and when using our dressage saddle, she is doing great in trot/whoa transitions. I really took my time with her, and it definitely paid off. Secondly, she is addicted to my great niece, Anna, who recently spent the entire day feeding her grass through a gate. Who knew she liked little girls so much? Because I live alone and have no one there to bolster my courage (or call 911), it was a scary proposition moving onto her back. But Lillie told me when she was ready, and I had to depend upon the trust we had built on the ground. When called upon, it was there! We've had 18 (unsupervised) rides so far, and now we're really gaining so much more understanding of each other. Every ride gives us both more confidence and brings us, if possible, closer to each other. This whole endeavor has been an affair of the heart, and definitely time, patience and interaction is key. Even if we don't "ride," we go for walks together. We're always doing something and she's learned that when I come, it's going to be fun. I couldn't be happier, and I don't think she could be, either. Our start was slow, but through it all, we've become one mind and seriously, Lillie is the horse I've been waiting for all my life!" Jenny G, MI