Horse Stats
New Name: Kenny
Age: 1999
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: 10/30/07
Current Discipline: Prix St. Georges Dressage
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    Lord Kenmer had 33 starts on the track racing over the course of 4 years earning a total of $30,335 and last raced on 6/5/06. Kenny now is a successful Prix St. Georges Dressage horse already having won a bronze medal in 2010 and now aiming for a silver medal in 2013 with his current adopter Shari Wolke of MI. Kenny was originally adopted from New Vocations in October, 2006 but was returned the following year due to behavioral issues. He was listed again for adoption and that's when Shari Wolke came to see him. In a recent interview with Sidelines Magazine, Shari describes the first time she met Kenny, "The folks at New Vocations informed me that he had been returned by a dressage trainer who claimed he was unsafe and wouldn't stop bucking. They said that with an experienced rider he might be rehabbed but that I should understand that if he didn't he would be best as a pasture pet only." Both Shari and her trainer were willing to take a chance on him. They noticed his balanced movement, kind eye, sensitivity to touch, rhythmic canter, natural overstride at the walk, and a decent trot. Commitment, hard work, many hours of training, and patience paid huge dividends. Kenny and Shari have become a formidable team in the Dressage ring, competing at Fourth Level Dressage and winning many champion ribbons, including earning their USDF Bronze Medal in 2010. This upcoming summer of 2013, they will once again ride at Prix St. Georges and are striving for their USDF Silver Medal.