Horse Stats
New Name: Magic
Age: 2005
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: January, 2011
Current Discipline: Trail Horse
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    Magic raced 21 times, earned $23,633, and last raced at Ellis Park track on 8/6/10.John reports: ” Magical Minister is the horse I needed. Magic has a lot of confidence and no spook. I live on a remote farm in the Arkansas Ozarks. On our rides we have jumped deer, elk and a bobcat. Magic is cool. He just keeps on walking. All except once when I found out he can really move fast. We were in a pasture with cows and passed a big pile of logs. A little calf was in a nook up in the logs scratching himself. We just happened to walk past his only escape route. The calf bolted and the only direction he could go was directly towards us. Magic moved out of the way, quickly. By the time I hit the ground, Magic and the calf were out of the way. Magic waited and did not run off. He is a good horse.Magic has adapted to life on the farm. He runs in the pasture with two geldings. At first he was timid in the group but has grown comfortable with the “herd” and is now much more assertive.Magic and I are interested in Dressage. We have a lot to learn. We get to ride about every other day in good weather. We work on exercises in the arena and trail ride on the farm. He did show improved attitude and energy after we went on our first trail ride on the Buffalo National River with lots of other horses. We get to do that about once or twice a month. We went to a “team cattle sorting” practice at the local roundup club. Magic did good and showed interest in the sport. And nobody made fun of my helmet and English saddle! All of our rides and incidents are logged on the blog got a good horse and Magic got a good home. Magic and I send a big THANK YOU to New Vocations. New Vocations is an excellent organization and everybody there does a wonderful job.”Congratulations to Magic and John! We look forward to hearing about their future adventures together!