Horse Stats
New Name: Frankie
Age: 2000
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: August, 2010
Current Discipline: Dressage, Trails
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    "Marion's Man has evolved into a perfect horse for me. When I first got him he was nervous being ridden. Those days are long gone! He is now relaxed, very forward and responsive, moving beautifully and most importantly enjoying his new life! He is also very kind. He is always very sweet to his pasture mates and really seems to pose when a small child is placed on his back for a picture or short ride. I consider myself so fortunate to have his lovely horse in my life. Here are a few pictures of myself and my daughter riding Marion's Man (Frankie) recently. I titled the one photo " Three Way Hug" because my daughter and her husband are hugging and it looks like Frankie is getting in on the hug too. My other favorite is the two of them cantering up a hill because her smile shows such joy! Thank you New Vocations for all you do!" Pam B., OH