Horse Stats
Name: Mattonthechooch
Barn Name: Matty
Age: 2001
Gender: Gelding
Height: 15.2 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $WAIVED
Location: Galva, Illinois
Race Stats
Total Starts: 259
Total Earnings: $113,563
Last Race: 7/20/13
Sire: Mattcando
Dam: Circleville
Other Notable Pedigree: Laag
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It is with great sadness that Matty is looking for another home.  I really thought I could be that home but due to health reasons I have to do what’s best for everyone. Matty is a 15.2hh Standardbred gelding, 18 years old.  He is everything described in his biography on the website.  He needs his own special person to bond with. He has impeccable ground manners and is excellent with the vet and farrier. He is food aggressive at feed time to any horse that is in the stable next to him but soon settles and gets on with eating. He is unsure until he gets to know you but once that bond is made, he is the perfect gentleman. Just be patient with him and you will be amazed. He loves to be fussed with and groomed. He absolutely loves his treats.

Previous profile description: Mattonthechooch is a fun horse to be around! At 15.2hh he is a convenient size to mount from the ground. He will gait or trot under saddle and we can see him being a good horse to ride around the farm and down the trails.  This well built gelding has had two solid years of riding experience, something most of our horses do not have. Matt has been used in a lesson program for a varies types of riders. He also would work as a “husband” horse. He is the type of horse that thrives in a consistent program. He has come back to New Vocations now two times for different reasons, but learned great skills at every one of his past homes. Now, at 17 he is looking for a home again. We always take our horses back and Matt was no exception. Matty is sound and happy, which makes for a good all around horse. He is very willing and happy to ride by himself or with other horses. Matt is fun and a horse that you can do “around the world” on as shown in his video! He also will go around the arena with “no hands” and other fun things to do! This is a fun guy! 

He gets along well with other horses during turnout and really enjoys eating (maybe a little too much, he tends to get very possessive of his grain and hay during feeding time). He’s not dominant in the herd hierarchy. We recommend feeding him in a stall at first as he is not a fighter for his food and is very submissive. 

He stands to be mounted and dismounted, crossties, bathes and is perfect for the farrier.  Matt does get claustrophobic in a straight load trailer, but does very well in a slant load or totally open trailer (take the partition out of a two horse trailer).  He would be perfect for someone wanting a horse to ride on their property, love on, have as a companion, and he loves treats! He is kind boy and is looking for a person and even another horse to bond with. Due to his age, his adoption fee has been waived .


If you have an approved Adoption Application and would like more information on Matty, Contact:


Phone: 309-525-2827



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