Horse Stats
New Name: Raymond
Age: 1998
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: June, 2011
Current Discipline: Dressage, Trail
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    Mr Rainmaker raced an amazing 206 times over a ten year span, winning 29 and earning $115,676. Adopter Renee Grzeszkiewicz of Homer Glen, Illinois shares her experience with this remarkable gelding:"Raymond is almost completely blind with no vision in his right eye and only 10-20% shadow vision in his left. But despite his disability, "everybody loves Raymond." My Appy, who is also a rescue, is currently showing Raymond how to be a therapy horse for people with physical and mental disabilities. My OTTB Emma, who came directly from the racetrack, instinctively herds him around the pasture, showing him the good grass. And all of my dogs know that it’s safe to be under Raymond’s feet. Raymond is the bravest horse I have ever met. Despite being blind, Raymond navigates well on trails. I call out "log" and he slows and lifts his legs higher. When you lean back in the saddle he knows there is a downhill slope and just the opposite for uphill. Ray is also a master of the dressage ring. At his first show, he earned a red ribbon in the GAG1 walk-trot test, and a blue ribbon in his GAG4 walk-trot-canter test. Yes, this Standardbred loves to canter and is exceptionally awesome at it! When Raymond is a good boy, he knows that candy follows, and though he cannot see it, he is the first to hear the wrapper! Raymond is one of the few horses I know that loves the sound of a plastic bag because it means "candy!" Raymond couldn't possibly be closer to my heart, and every day we have is cherished. Thanks again New Vocations for all you do. He will always be safe with me." - Renee G., Illinois