Horse Stats
New Name: Piper
Age: 2008
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: June, 2011
Current Discipline: Hunter
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    2008 Thoroughbred mare “Ms Firelady” had 5 lifetime starts and last raced on 6/13/11. Firelady now called Piper, was adopted in July, 2011 by Hunter Allen and her family.Hunter shares their story: ” Everyone I knew told me it was a mistake to consider adopting an off the track thoroughbred (ottb), and that thoroughbreds “were crazy”. But I knew enough to know that thoroughbreds do tend to be a bit hotter than other horses, but not ALL thoroughbreds are. Some horses are braver than others, some are not as brave. But every horse is different and that’s what they discovered when we adopted Piper.Piper was pretty timid when we brought her home and wasn’t interested in people or horses. I took some time doing other things besides riding, like sitting out in her pasture, grooming her, hand grazing her, and tried a couple different types of ground work. Eventually, Piper realized I was not going to tack her up and make her work every day and that I was really a friend. She started to trust me. What an amazing feeling.Every day we grow closer together, she now enjoys being ridden and gets excited when she sees me coming. She has bonded with the horses in her field and she is the bravest horse I have ever seen in my life! She has filled out and is very happy. Nobody ever guesses she is only 4 and an off the track thoroughbred. She has really changed every ones outlook on Ottbs. Piper is now thriving in her new career as a Jumper and a friend. She has so much courage and tries her hardest. We are planning to start showing this summer, and just taking our time and enjoying it. She also has made a fabulous trail horse! She went on her first trail ride with me and two of my best friends and their horses and did absolutely amazing!I love Piper and I am so happy New Vocations brought us together! They do an amazing thing. Lots of people just send their failing off the track thoroughbreds to slaughter. I’m so glad this fate doesn’t await Piper or any of the New Vocation horses and never will. Give them a chance.”