Horse Stats
New Name: Luke & Denver
Age: 2003
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: June, 2012
Current Discipline: Trail Horses
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    Mary Jo & Jim Gehrum adopted Standardbreds Denver Bronco and Nuclear Luke from New Vocations to enjoy as trail partners. Mary Jo reports, "Jim and I have been getting lots of opportunities to ride with the fantastic weather. So, I just had to send you these pictures. Hope you enjoy them. Jim loves Denver more every year. He's the best horse Jim could have ever hoped to have as his partner. Luke is continuing to develop with every ride we take. I've been getting some of those exciting rides where he responds to my every movement and voice encouragement as we go flipping back and forth around trees on the narrow trails through the woods. My favorite! I'm still working on his single foot rack. It's coming along slowly. It would come along faster if I could restrain from encouraging him to do an extended trot through the forest (but...I just can't help myself). Thank you again for all the joy you have given Jim and I through the years."