Horse Stats
New Name: Liam
Age: 2008
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: December, 2011
Current Discipline: Hunter
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    "Liam has been doing very well. He continues to grow and develop as a show hunter. We are taking things nice and slow, but he was reserve champion at a local schooling show in the "Novice Horse" X-rail division. He has lovely hunter movement, and is very calm and sweet-tempered.He is very eager to please, and is really starting to develop solid ground manners. His former resistance to the mounting block has been resolved, and though he sometimes tries to walk off as soon as I mount, he is fine with the whole mounting process. He has also gone on weekly trail rides with a buddy (another NV adoptee, "Start Over"), and has never so much as looked at anything.He is so easy-going and willing, that I have to keep reminding myself that he has just turned 4 - he still has some baby teeth & a "baby face", but usually acts like a much more mature, seasoned horse. I am having a ton of fun, and we are thinking about taking him on a "field trip" to an A-show for a week next month. Not to show, but to get experience in the setting..Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt this horse - he is extremely well-loved & seems to be having fun in his new role of show horse & "pet". Lisa B IA