Rapid Reply

Horse Stats
New Name: Ms. Jett
Age: 1999
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: 2016
Current Discipline: Hunter/jumper
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    At age 20, the Standardbred mare Rapid Reply is full of wisdom - and jump! “Ms. Jett,” as she is known to her owner Riley Ruell, is a bit of a rarity in her part of the country. “A lot of people around my area have not really seen Standardbreds,” reports Riley, “There are only three in my county, counting her.” At competitions, Ms. Jett draws attention. “She really sticks out in classes because of her fancy canter and distinctive white tattoo,” Riley relates, going on to add, “However, judges seem to like her a lot when they figure out what kind of horse she is!” This is Ms Jett’s third adoptive home, and she’s had a remarkable past year with her teenaged rider. First they won Grand Champion at a local Hunter/Jumper show competing over two rain soaked days. “We ended up absolutely COVERED in mud and it took forever to get my tack cleaned,” says Riley. “I think Jett had a lot of fun, though. We kind of did our own version of muddin’! There’s a lot of Thoroughbreds in my area so it’s basically ‘Us versus the Rest of the County’ when we show. It felt great to win!” Ms. Jett continued to promote Standardbred versatility at her county fair racking up ribbons in the Hunter and Jumper divisions, as well as a blue in Dressage Equitation and Grand Champion in Advanced Hunters. “I was so proud of my girl,” Riley exclaims! “She showed everybody what she was made of!” The mare is apparently made of a combination of good looks and talent. Ms. Jett and Riley were not finished with the 2018 competition season after those impressive showings. They are also members of the Equestrian Team and qualified for regionals - which leads to their latest fame. As a senior athlete at her school, Riley and Ms Jett were featured on a banner in their hometown! A poster girl at age 20 - what mare wouldn’t be proud!