Horse Stats
New Name: Saintly
Age: 2006
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: April, 2011
Current Discipline: Family Horse
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    Julie M. of Radcliffe, KY reports:“I cannot believe it’s been a year already. I actually had to look up my papers to make sure – Ha! She’s fitting in just fine in our family, although she still tries to change the pecking order making herself number 1 on the family list instead of number 3! She recently got her shoes back on from the winter off and is starting her lunging routine once again. She’s got good weight, glossy coat, good feet and wonderful appetite. She also gets monthly injections of Adequan for her knees and biotin supplements for feet. Plus she gets tons of peppermints everyday for just being a Saint. She’s really a sweet mare, very gentle around kids (lets them pull on her nostrils), but she definitely has a bubble space for adults. She knows she’s big, likes to be number 1, but accepts my directions. For now, anyway – Ha! Thank you so much for allowing me to bring Saintly into my family. She brings such joy and I am lucky to have her. I’ll send more pics later when we’re up and riding so you can monitor her progress. Keep up the great work you do in finding these horses loving homes. Best of luck for 2012. May it be the best year yet!”