Horse Stats
New Name: Scottsdale
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: 2005
Current Discipline: Driving, Family Horse
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    Standardbred gelding, Scottsdale, adopted in 2005 by Lori of Lowell, Michigan writes in her most recent update, “Yesterday was Scotty’s maiden trip down the road and into the fields. This time hooking up was pretty much a piece of cake and Scotty performed wonderfully in the barnyard. After my husband took his turn at practicing we headed down the lane to my in-laws house. Scotty was doing great and my granddaughter was enjoying herself sitting next to Papa in the sleigh. Once we got to my in-laws and my husband drove around their yard for a bit it was time to head on down the road. My friend, who had been teaching us what to do hopped in with my husband and off they went. Scotty did great and they enjoyed their trip. We are so excited that Scotty took to the sleigh so well and that he seemed to enjoy driving. If all goes well we are hoping to take several family members and friends for some great sleight rides this winter as well as getting in some nice romantic rides in the moonlight. We are very thankful to have wonderful neighbors who share their fiends with us, giving us plenty of places to go. The pastor at our church has also agreed to let us bring Scotty and the sleigh to church and give rides. Thank you again for the opportunity to own such a great horse. He is a true pleasure to have.”