Horse Stats
New Name: Sham
Age: 2003
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: 2007
Current Discipline: Eventing
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    Ah, where to begin... It has been a quick 5 years since Shamrock Trick came galloping into my life (more like went running away... He was a bear to catch). Blood, sweat and countless tears have blazed the trail of our many successes. We started off in rough shape, me just returning from a riding hiatus of 3 years and him fresh from the track; needless to say the first couple, yes couple, of YEARS (!!!) were peppered with falls, crashes and eliminations. There were a few ribbons here and there but nothing notable to speak of. We have really come into our own here within the last 18 months and I am beyond proud to call him my own. The start of this time for us began with moving to a new boarding facility and finding a trainer that meshed really well with both of us. Once we got all of our (I digress, mostly my) issues sorted out things started blossoming. In those 18 months we went from eliminations to in the ribbons at every recognized horse trial we went to. We even placed 8th at the USEA Area III Championships!! We are well on our way to qualifying for the American Eventing Championships and will make our final bid this weekend. The future for our partnership is very bright; I hope to one day ride Sham at Rolex KY 3-day Event. I know it seems slightly (ok hugely) far fetched but I have have big hopes and dreams for us, an deep down inside I know we can do it!!Proud NV Mom, Heather Baird