Horse Stats
New Name: Smacker
Age: 2002
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: 2008
Current Discipline: Eventing, Dressage
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    Thoroughbred, Smacker, was adopted by Samantha and Brigitta Bogen of Kansas inMay 2008. Initially used as an eventer and dressage mount, Smacker found that following Sam to college was not the best fit for him. So, Brigitta enlisted his help for ‘Horses for Heroes’, a program designed to benefit soldiers who have returned from duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. “We do mostly as we call it ‘Natural Livemanship’, through the Horses for Heroes program. Natural livemanship utilizes the methods of natural horsemanship that are derived from sound principles of equine psychology to repair and enhance all of life’s interactions in areas such as mental health, education, personal growth, etc. The relationship with the horses is paramount and central to the entire process. We let the soldiers choose a horse that they are going to work with, but sometimes the horse will choose them and sure enough there is Smacker every time. The soldiers call him sassy and a diva but they love him because of it. ” Pictured with Smacker are two soldiers that have just returned from a tour in Iraq.