Sturm Hanover

Horse Stats
New Name: Tate
Age: 2006
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: March 2012
Current Discipline: Trail Horse
  • SturmHanoverJoaHaas


    Sturm Hanover raced on the trot for three years, but wasn’t profitable enough to continue. He was sent to New Vocations and subsequently adopted by Joa Haas of Honeybrook, PA. Joa has had Sturm for 4 ½ years and recently shared about her adventures with the big gelding, now known as Tate. “I have to let you how much fun I’ve been having with Tate. He is and has been the light of my life. We do a little dressage, trail ride, swim together in the local lake and gallop across the country with me giggling like a school girl. I know it sounds like every other teenager enjoying her horse. But I’m 68 years old and being able to enjoy my horse like every other teenager is really saying something! I can’t thank you and New Vocations enough for allowing Tate to share his life with me. I’ve not enjoyed my horse and riding this much in many years!” - Joa