Horse Stats
New Name: Kassi
Age: 2008
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: January, 2011
Current Discipline: Hunters, Western

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    "Kassi (Ukase Hanover) is my best friend in the entire world. I would have absolutely no idea what to do without him. Recently, I have been working on engaging his hind end to get him moving forward more easily. This has been the most important part of our training so far, as it opened up the door to a much more stellar trot and a better canter. His jump has also improved by miles. Yesterday (July 7th) we went to our very first show! Well, his second show if you count a fun show last year, and my first show ever. We entered the w/t/c and ground poles classes and came out reserve champion from a field of 16 horses! I am so proud of him. He would have gotten champion if it wasn't for my own silly newbie mistakes. He has the best temperament and is absolutely great at learning tricks. He knows over fifteen tricks so far, and has just started to lie down on command. I couldn't ask for a better horse. Thank you SO much for him, and giving me the opportunity to learn with him." - Jenna Mock, PA