Horse Stats
New Name: Maizy
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: 2009
Current Discipline: Family , 4-H Horse
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    Weekend Life stood in the unemployment line less than 24 hours before taking a job at Morgan Creek Ranch. She took the weekend option to accommodate seven grandchildren, especially Jarret. Here is the former broodmare’s perspective on her new life: “I arrived Friday night at New Vocations. Saturday afternoon Jarret picked me up with some help from his grandpa. I heard Jarret tell him, “This is the best day of my life!” I get to loaf during the week with all my new friends. (They are funny looking to me.) There is an Appaloosa named Minnie, Glory, a very short quarter horse, and a paint named Coyote. They are my best friends. OK, so the paint drives me crazy trying to get me to play, but I do graze nose to nose with him everyday. I had never seen little children playing on a swing set. One day Gracie fell off and cried, I thought I should rescue her. I came as close to the fence as I could get, but Grandma picked her up. I sure was worried about Gracie, but she started swinging again. I went to a 4-H horse show and watched all the contesting events. Jarret and I have been practicing these at home. Jarret says we are going to the 4-H fair. I also went on my first trail ride along the Mississnewas River. It was a beautiful sight to behold. My rider let me stop three times, so I could look at the river. I thought it was majestic. I am looking forward to all the adventures in my new home. Weekend Life (aka, Maizy) is my name, and weekend option is my game.” Respectfully submitted by Jane Morgan, OH