Horse Stats
New Name: Falcon
Age: 2001
Gender: gelding
Date Adopted: December, 2011
Current Discipline: Dressage, Trails
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    "When I first saw Wings' video on the New Vocations website, I knew I was interested in him. In person, I really liked his size, friendly nature, and calm demeanor. After adopting him, I have not been disappointed. He has really nice manners and has been easy to handle and work around. After a month of treatments, turnout, short lunging sessions, and getting to know him, I asked my trainer, Renee Peters, for help with his retraining. She gently began training him to round and listen to leg. Falcon quickly started to round up and seemed happy to have a job. I have had many successful lessons on him and he has never done anything unexpected or resistant. In fact, he seems to love the attention and the exercise program. He seemed so comfortable with his lessons that we decided to introduce Falcon to low level dressage training.Renee Peters has many years of experience with all types of horses and grew up working with her family's thoroughbred race horses. She knows how to gently start the process of teaching an off the track horse to accept a new job and think slow and steady. Falcon is a pretty confident horse who also listens to his rider, so that trail riding is in his future as is being a pleasure horse and open show horse someday. We ride outside and along the grass paths and fields near the barn. He is calm, interested and is likely to be a very good trail horse with more practice.I enjoy riding Falcon both in lessons and on my own. He is a friendly, amiable guy and wants to please. He loves attention, wants to please, and will work very hard for his "person." He definitely knows me because he is even willing to come when he is called, sometimes leaving grass turnout to respond. The keys to success for me are to use the methods recommended in Anna Ford’s book, Beyond the Track, and to have the support of a regular riding lesson program, my trainer, farrier, dentist, vet, chiropractor, and massage therapist. I am just an amateur rider, and not a very strong one at that, but with advice and help, I am able to enjoy my adopted horse and feel safe and confident working with him." Mary F.