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Thoroughbred “R King Of The Road”


Clare grew up in Central Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in International Relations and Equine Science.

She has had a love for horses from a very early age and “my parents quickly learned that getting me riding lessons was a huge mistake, as it just made my horse obsession grow and grow, to the point where my parents sold their city home and moved to the middle of nowhere to buy me a horse so I would finally stop talking about it.” In 2005 Clare adopted “Mi Serenade” from New Vocations. He raced 58 times non-stop over 5 years winning just over $60,000.  Despite his osselets and arthritis from a tough “war horse” racing career, “he is highly intelligent with an unforgettable personality, an amazing trail partner and he is the absolute love of my life just don’t tell my husband that.”  One year later, Clare adopted another horse from New Vocations named “Miss Peggy”. Transitioning to farm life for this mare wasn’t an easy one, in fact it took an entire year before she was riding sound.  She had abscess after abscess, even sloughing off half of her hoof!  ” I just continued to give her everything she needed and now she readily returns the favor.”

Clare’s passion for horses has taken her on many great journeys.  She worked for a dude ranch in Colorado as a trail guide in the Rocky Mountain National Park, spending 12 hours a day in the saddle 6 days a week, and “then on my day off, I would still spend the whole day exploring the nooks and crannies of the Rocky Mountains on horseback.  I feel like one of the most blessed people to have been able to see some of this country’s most beautiful landscapes from the back of a horse.”

After graduating from college, Clare interned with Taylor Made Farm and Sales Agency in Lexington Kentucky and given the opportunity to work with this nation’s leading professionals in breeding, bloodstock, training, yearling sales prepping and veterinary fields.  She put her hands on Drosselmeyer as a foal,  had the chance to prep champions like Fleet Indian for the Keeneland November Breeding Stock sale and lead yearlings that sold for millions through the sales ring.  Back in central Ohio, she lives with her husband and two children.