Description: A bony enlargement that forms on the splint bone or cannon bone. Splints


Cause: Concussion, conformation, strain, a blow to the leg, or nutritional deficiency.


Treatment: Rest, cold-hosing, anti-inflammatory drugs. Shockwave therapy is also used for some splints.


Prognosis: Once healed, most splints are cosmetic blemishes that will not affect the horse’s soundness. It is common for a racehorse to sustain a splint especially early in his training. Rarely do splints prevent a horse from racing.




New Vocations Graduates Who Sustained This Injury While Racing


Registered Name: Monty Bajo IMG_6073

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 2004

Race Starts: 34

Last Race: 8/20/11

Date of Injury: 2011

Total Rehab Time: Sustained fractures to both splint bones in his right front leg in the summer of 2011 & was fully rehabbed while at the New Vocations facility prior to entering the retraining program and later adopted in early 2012.

Date Adopted: 3/23/12

Current Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

Comments: Monte Bajo was passed over by many adopters who were not willing to deal with his injury which had fully healed and would pose no consequence in his next career. Luckily, his current adopter was willing to give him a chance and was familiar with this type of injury and knew that it would not limit his ability to be successful in his second career. Monte Bajo now competes successfully as a 3ft+ Hunter in Illinois.

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